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Cooking course

Theoretical and practical cooking workshop taught in Barcelona. Do you want your home employee to surprise the ones you love most with delicious recipes or help you with an event at home and you don’t know how to do it? Contact Happy-Home!

    • Wash and cut ingredients.
    • Cook or prepare: pan-fry, deep-fry, salads, pasta, egg dishes…
    • Presentation of the dishes.
    • Table settings (basic)
    • Purchase and storage.
    • Special events.

Clothing and how to care for it.

This course specialises in caring for the whole family’s clothes.

      • Types of stains and how to remove them.
      • Hand and machine wash: which articles of clothing and how to wash them.
      • How to iron all kinds of clothes well and at a quick pace.
      • Clothing organization: how to hang and put away clothes.

Know-how and protocol

Workshop held in Barcelona to improve the behaviour toward and attention to both family and guests.

      • How to receive and attend to visits.
      • Behavioural standards.
      • How to set a table daily and on special occasions.
      • How to serv.

General Cleaning: daily and thorough home cleaning

Home Cleaning Training Course for your employee. Theoretical and practical workshop taught in the centre of Barcelona. Contact Happy-Home!

      • Utensils.
      • Cleaning products to use according to surface and dirt level.
      • Organization of time: ordinary and extraordinary.
      • Cleaning techniques by area of the house.

Basic sewing

With this course, forget about storing away all those shirts that are missing a button or all those new pants and that you can’t break in because you can’t hem them. Dear Grandmothers, we want you to play with your grandchildren and not spend all your time sewing!

      • Buttons
      • Hems
      • Different types of hand sewing.


Did you know that you can save space by folding clothes in a specific way, making everything tidier? Happy Home teaches your home employee how, so you can enjoy opening any closet or drawer.

      • Cabinets and drawers.
      • Clean and tidy refrigerator.
      • Optimize space.

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