Laura Martínez

H@la! I am Laura, co-founder of Happy Home, and I like to define myself as a cheerful, fun, optimistic, friendly, dynamic, and very organized person.
The truth is that my life has always been focused on the world of numbers and finances. As a child, I only liked addition, multiplication, and working through the most difficult problems to find the most optimal solutions. But, as the years have passed, and after the birth of my two princesses, Alicia and Ana, I have become more family-oriented… valuing aspects that I had never considered before, such as caring for my home and my daughters.
Over the years, interest in social aspects arose in me: the concern for people, the interest in helping, the desire to organize. Maybe the turning point came when they appointed me as class delegate for one of my daughters. There, I could play out my skills at the social level: how organized, methodical, decisive, and consistent I can be.
And why Happy Home?
Because, at the end of the Senior Management Programme at IESE, a good teacher made me reflect on the time I invested in it and how important it would be not to fall back into the daily routine, prompting me to develop that idea that had long since hovered around my head, but which I had never found the strength to undertake. Personally, I think that all the stars lined up at that moment; my internal reflection, I met Gema, my current partner and a lovely woman, and I had the unconditional support of my husband and my family… et voilà!!!!
Here is Happy Home!! As Happy as life itself!!!
Excited, passionate, and with brute force, I launch this new project, this new “brainchild,” in which I will put all the energy it takes to break the ideas that currently exist about this kind of agency and contribute my two cents to improving and professionalizing this sector, which concerns parents so much today.
Go for it!!!